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Leadership.BG is a project started in 2013, whose purpose is to popularize leadership culture and develop leadership potential in Bulgaria. Through articles from professional authors related to leadership, mentorship, and education; interviews with Bulgarian and foreign leaders in different spheres; and news on business and personal development events, we aim to create leaders. The project serves as a reference portal to young professionals and mentors on good practices for further growth and development in their personal and professional lives. Our team believes that “leadership” is an important aspect of the economic, social, and cultural development of each society, and that is why we created Leadership.BG.



The project team consists of 4 professional writers and editors to ensure higher quality of publications , and more than 30 volunteers, editors and interns. We regularly hire two interns on an unpaid internship program with expertise in journalism, PR, and marketing. Their responsibilities include: updating the monthly newsletter and event calendar, visiting business and leadership events as media representatives of Leadership.BG, social media marketing through different channels, digital content creation, participation in strategic decisions for the project, as well as sales and advertising campaigns.

Official website:

Leadership.BG (logo)