Discover the future of tech, the blockchain technologies, the challenges of growing & managing companies, the secrets to the top strategies on how to reach your customers and build a brand through content creation in an exciting 4-day experience at Techsylvania. All of this and much more from the 45+ leaders, technical experts, executives from important technology companies and some of the most important Romanian and international founders. Attend Techsylvania 2018 to meet them and be part of the knowledge exchange.

Di-Ann Eisnor, Director of Growth at Waze (Building a 100 Million User Base)

Japjit Tulsi, VP Engineering at eBay (Leading Engineering for The World’s 9th Largest Internet Company)

Sonny Vu, Founder of Misfit (Acquired by Fossil for $260 million)

Xuan Jin, Senior Evangelist at Alibaba Cloud International (Largest Cloud Computing Company in China)

Jeremy Apthorp, Senior Software Engineer at Slack

Florin Talpes, Founder and CEO of Bitdefender (Top Cybersecurity Player with 500 Million Users)

John Biggs, Writer at TechCrunch (Author of the Best Book on Blogging)

Yossi Vardi, Angel Investor (Father of the Israeli Tech Ecosystem)

Kaidi Ruusalepp, Founder & CEO at Funderbeam (Creator of the Global Startup Stock Exchange)

Sebastian Dobrincu, Founder and CEO of Storyheap ($1 million in Revenue and Top Clients: Tumblr, Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez)


Who? When? Where? Here it is, the official agenda for Techsylvania 2018.  

There’s everything you need to make sure you don’t miss the 50+ keynotes, technical, funding and product talks, panels, workshops and Q&A sessions.  



In 2018 we are expanding the borders of the event, so it can become a hub for technology and business. With Techsylvania being the central hub, satellites will be available from the first hours of the morning until 9am and after the official schedule ends at 6pm. A satellite event is designed to be a unique experience from stepping into a virtual casino or discussing innovation in Digital & Connected Health over a BBQ.

Game ON in a Virtual Casino – Step into the best offices in Romania at Betfair Romania Development and discover a Virtual Casino World

IoT and AI – practice from Alibaba Cloud – Xuan Jin, Senior Evangelist at Alibaba Cloud International (Largest Cloud Computing Company in China), from UK, will present products, innovations and applications from Alibaba Cloud in the areas of IoT and AI.

Visit of the PsyTech-Matrix for Robotics/Robotherapy & VR Therapy – The event will take the participants on an informative tour about the integration between psychology and technology and will exemplify how this integration can be used to promote mental health.

Innovation in Digital & Connected Healthcare – BBQ – Innovation in Digital & Connected Health BBQ – Let’s discuss over some craft beer and Romanian traditional mici what it means to innovate in the Healthcare space. Will present our lessons learned and how we helped our partners to achieved success in a heavily regulated environment.

ClujCryptoTalk – Why Bitcoin and Blockchain technology is revolutionizing our lives? What’s the future of cryptocurrencies and what are the legal aspects of trading cryptocurrencies? Or simply, how to create your own ICO to gain the resources you need to develop further unique blockchain projects.

Meet the Tech Stars – For our first meetup, we have chosen to be inspired by two awesome women in tech that are also going to be speaking at Techsylvania: Steffi Czerny and Michelle Messina. We will meet in a very cosy atmosphere to learn their stories and challenge them with our questions.

Discover Bosch Cluj – Automotive Electronics, Technology behind technology – Industry 4.0 up close — embark on a lecture and guided tour, through the Bosch plant in Cluj and learn about our products and solutions in practice.


Top investors, managing venture capital funds of over $3 billions are joining Techsylvania this June.  If you’re a passionate entrepreneur, it’s time to plan the perfect introduction!

Ashley Carroll, a Partner at Social Capital – She runs a $1.2 Billion VC Fund in the United States and she is focuses on early stage venture investments

Max Niederhofer, General Partner at Sunstone Capital – A partner at Sunstone Capital, a fund with a $300 million capital, he is focusing on internet and mobile investments.

Ondrej Bartos, Partner & Chairman of the Board at Credo Ventures – He runs Credo Ventures, a fund with over $50 million in capital

Yossi Vardi, Angel Investor – He is considered the ‘father of the Israeli Tech Ecosystem’ and is most famous for being the original investor in ICQ — the first Internet-wide instant messaging system, and another 80 tech companies.

Startup Avalanche is a 2-days competition which will take place on June 11-12,  during the Techsylvania conference. Here we challenge startups that are eager to showcase their business for international awareness and rewards.

A startup competition comes with benefits as networking and resource opportunities for each participant. The Grand Prize will be awarded the most promising startup. This consists of a tailored trip to the Silicon Valley for the winning team, for 9 days with all expenses paid by the organizers.



Created for an ultimate hands-on experience, provided by some of the most qualified experts and companies from around the world, the ten workshops will offer answers to technical questions, product challenges and business development issues. The workshops are available during the conference days, on the 11–12 of June. The capacity is up to 100 people.

Workshop Topics

Deep Learning for Automated Driving

Building Image Classification Models for Medical Diagnostic

Adverse Media Threat Intelligence using Machine Learning

Product Management Best Practices

Exploring GraphQL with React and Node.js

Raising Funding For Your Startup: From The Classic VC-type Funding to Blockchain Cryptocurrencies and ICOs Based Funding

I’m a Small Company, But I Like To Think Big: Online Marketing Case Studies

Driving Personalization for Leading E-commerce Vendors

Join one of the 12 interactive workshops.



We want to give you all the opportunities to learn about the latest technologies, business models and startups ecosystem and what better way than a direct and open conversation with our top speakers?

The Q&A sessions are a new stage for anybody attending Techsylvania to ask questions and hear advices from leaders in the field. You’ll join a small audience for 20 minute and ask the top names in tech and business your burning questions.

Who’s coming to the Q&A sessions? Go and grab your tickets for Techsylvania 2018 and find out!  



100 developers with an appetite for innovative technologies and a sparkle in their eyes when it comes to challenges will join an intense 24-hour hackathon focused on connected devices & chatbots. What greater challenge for a passionate developer than code on BB-8 and RD-D2? Can they handle the first foot-powered controller specially designed for VR & PC games?

You can’t believe the prizes at this year’s Hackathon. The top projects will receive X4 Soul Infinity L, Legos, Snips Kits, 3Drudders, iBlocks and many more. Also the prizes include free passes to the Techsylvania conference and the chance to demo the project in front of the speakers, investors & the entire Techsylvania audience.




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