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StartUp Navigator is the digital map of the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Bulgaria and the region.

It provides greater visibility of ecosystem players, reinforces links between them and integrates entrepreneurs, talent, researchers, business partners, investors, and others.

What you can do in the StartUp Navigator is:

  • Develop and maintain your profile for greater visibility;
  • View the directory with the option to filter through industries, stages, and venues of 16 different types of stakeholders;
  • Look for business partners, talented employees, customers and other parties that can boost your business or idea;
  • Follow the one-stop shop startup event calendar, which sums up for you all the events related to the ecosystem.


The project is realized by the Association of the Bulgarian Leaders and Entrepreneurs with America for Bulgaria Foundation.

Register now for free at and follow our Facebook page to be up-to-date with the latest trends in the entrepreneurial ecosystem and be a part of the startup community in Bulgaria!

Official site:

StartUp Navigator logo