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Leader Talks

Leader Talks is a series of events, which are dedicated to leadership among young people. Our main goal is to develop leadership potential in the next generation of Bulgaria. In addition, the project creates professional opportunities for students and young people by connecting them with the speakers and all the other professionals attending the events on a monthly basis.

The project creates an environment where people can find and adopt their own individual perception about leadership by giving them each month a different point of view to the topic communicated by the Leader Talks format. We believe that although people often relate it to management or a higher social status, leadership goes far beyond those frames. We know that leadership is a state of mind, way of living and it can be applied in all aspects of life. The power to motivate, inspire and lead others is a much more valuable incentive than a monthly salary or a candy. Leaders can make anyone work harder, with passion and heart.

Guest speakers

Some of our previous guest speakers have been:

  • H.E. Xavier Lapeyre de Cabanes, Ambassador of France to Bulgaria;
  • Dr. Solomon Passy, former Minister of Foreign Affairs;
  • Dr. Georgi Ganev, Director at the Centre for Liberal Strategies;
  • Prof. Minyo Balkanski; Scientist, educator and philanthropist
  • Steve Keil, CEO of Xentio;
  • Prof. Ivan Hinovski, President of the Bulgarian Energy Forum;
  • Evgenia Peeva, CEO of Teach For Bulgaria (Zaedno v chas);
  • Tsvetelina Teneva, Co-founder of The Business Institute;
  • Borislav Stefanov, CEO of the Invest Bulgaria Agency;
  • Diana Stefanova, CEO of VMware Bulgaria;
  • Svetlan Stanoev, Co-founder of The Business Institute;
  • Sasha Bezuhanova, ex-GM of Hewlett Packard Bulgaria;
  • Rumyana Trencheva, Managing Director at SAP South East Europe

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Leader Talks (logo)

Leadership Sum-IT

Leadership Sum-IT is the largest seminar on leadership in Bulgaria, which brings together leaders, teachers and ambitious young people, all united by the subject of leadership. The project managed to attract already established and future leaders in a next-generation format that happens for the first time in the country so far. The aim of the seminar is to connect already well-known and successful leaders in the business, the public sphere, television, sports, etc., to share their experiences with people who want to acquire leadership qualities.

Official website: