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Logo of the ABLE Activator project

ABLE Activator

ABLE Activator is a 6-week entrepreneurship program providing intensive experiential entrepreneurship training for 30 university students and young professionals under 35 years of age. The program is held in English and designed in the following six modules, which take place over six long weekends (Friday-Sunday):  

  1. Character & Leadership Building 
  2. Deep Dive: Idea Formation & Hackathon
  3. Value Creation and Feasibility Testing
  4. Business Model
  5. Go-To-Market, Sales & Negotiations
  6. Demo Day and Community Building Retreat

In addition, on most Wednesday evenings, participants have interactive lectures and site visits to innovative Bulgarian companies. 

In the end, participants have a final pitch presentation in front of a Jury of entrepreneurs and investors as well as a large audience of people from the startup ecosystem.

During the course of the Program, participants get:

  1. First-hand learning experience from successful innovators, entrepreneurs and business leaders as well as site visits to startups and innovative companies.
  2. Practical exercises that will lead them through the startup roadmap – from generating your breakthrough idea to its ready-to-launch version.
  3. An in-depth understanding of key aspects of enterprise and innovation in a global context.
  4. Safe and friendly environment where they can be creative, develop critical thinking, practice communication and collaboration, fail multiple times and improve.
  5. Becoming part of the strong and impactful community of ABLE which works towards positive change in Bulgaria.

Who can apply

Applicants can be university students in at least second year of study or young professionals under 35 years of age. They have to be fluent in English and willing to attend all 6 modules of the Program.  Applicants need to be able to demonstrate leadership skills and an aptitude for entrepreneurship as well as a strong interest in giving back to their country and community.

The program is designed and delivered by The Association of the Bulgarian Leaders and Entrepreneurs (ABLE) with the generous support of America for Bulgaria Foundation and United Bulgarian Bank (UBB).

Official Website:

Logo of the ABLE Activator project