B.O.S.S. by ABLE logo
B.O.S.S. by ABLE logo

“B.O.S.S. – Business Owner Success Stories” is the newest program of the Association of Bulgarian Leaders and Entrepreneurs (ABLE). Its objective is to stimulate entrepreneurship among unemployed and inactive people from the South-West Region of Bulgaria, to inform and motivate, educate and consult them how to create their own business.

Target Group and Activities 

The program includes unemployed or inactive people who are related to one of the following areas:
– Real BOSS – for individuals who want to start a small business from the real economy or develop a free trade or craft;
– Mom BOSS – for mothers raising children up to 2 years of age still in maternity who want to learn about opportunities and start self-employment and/or business;
– Inno BOSS – for students and young people who want to develop innovative business ideas and create a successful startup.

For 22 months starting June 19, 2018, the following program activities will be implemented:
– Activity 1. Informing the target groups on the project opportunities and motivating them for launching their own business or self-employment ventures;
– Activity 2. Educating and training to provide knowledge and skills to start independent business activities;
– Activity 3. Providing consultancy services for the preparation of independent business activities and supporting activities.

We offer 6-days intensive trainings (60 study hours) for creating and implementing a business idea and consultations (40 hours), following the development of an individual plan for each participant.

Subscription for participation

For subscription and additional information, please contact: [email protected] or follow us on www.facebook.com/BOSSbyABLE

Participation in the program is completely free.

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B.O.S.S. by ABLE logo

About the OPHRD project

The project “B.O.S.S. – My Successful Story as a Business Owner” with registration number BG05M9OP001-1.023-0045 is worth BGN 341,159.50 and is funded with 100% grant funds under the administrative contract №BG05M9OP001-1.023-0045-C01. It is implemented with the financial support of the Operational Program Human Resources Development 2014-2020, Priority Axis 1 “Improving Access to Employment and Quality of Work”, Procedure BG05M9OP001-1.023 “Support for Entrepreneurship” co-funded by the European Union through European Social Fund through the provision of a grant which constitutes minimum aid in accordance with Regulation (EU) No 1407/2013.

This document has been prepared under the project “B.O.S.S. – My Successful Story as a Business Owner” under Contract №BG05M9OP001-1.023-0045-C01. The project is supported by the Operational Program Human Resources Development 2014-2020, co-funded by the European Union through the European Social Fund. 

Central European Startup Awards

Central European Startup Awards (CESA) logo

Central European Startup Awards (CESA)

The Central European Startup Awards (CESA) is a unique series of events which aims to connect businesses with entrepreneurs’ ideas in Poland, the Czech Republic, Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia, Romania, Hungary, and for the first time this year – Bulgaria. The initiative is organized by the Association of the Bulgarian Leaders and Entrepreneurs (ABLE). The project was convened in 2014 and it seeks to bring together the cream of the crop of the startup community in this part of the continent. CESA strives to reward, encourage and inspire entrepreneurs, while at the same time unite companies, investors, and all other stakeholders of the ecosystem. CESA is one of the four regional events, which are a part of the Global Startup Awards.

Official website:


Get in the Ring

Get in the Ring (logo)
Get in the Ring (logo)

Get In The Ring

Get in the Ring is an international start-up competition, which first started in 2009 in the Netherlands. The main concept of the competition is to provide innovative start-ups with the unique opportunity to present their ideas on the international entrepreneurial stage and to help them expand their network of contacts with investors, willing to support them with product development, entering new markets and finding potential clients. The competition is called “Get in the Ring” because start-ups present their ideas on a boxing ring in front of a jury.

Within only 5 years, Get in the Ring turned into an exceptionally successful concept, judging from the number of applicants and countries. Starting with a few countries in 2012, in 2015 there were 130+ events in 80 countries. The competition is traditionally organized in 3 rounds, starting with the acceptance of applications on a national level, from which the best are short-listed for the national final. The winner of the national final proceeds to a regional final including the winners from neighboring countries. Finally, the winners from all regional finals receive the opportunity to present at the international final.

Get in the Ring in Bulgaria

In Bulgaria, the competition first started in 2013. The national final, organized by the Association of the Bulgarian Leaders and Entrepreneurs (ABLE), gathered the 6 best Bulgarian start-ups. The winners were HutGrip and Jumpido. Later, during the International final in Rotterdam, in an official ceremony, ABLE received the prize for best national host and so obtained the right to organize the regional final for Eastern Europe in the next edition of Get in the Ring for 2014.

During that year, the national battle was won by a company developing innovative insoles for runners – Stepsss. The final for Eastern Europe won the Moldovan start-up ChooChooBabyCarriers. ABLE was officially awarded for being the best organizer, but this time among the hosts of all the regional finals.

In 2015 the program was enhanced by a mentorship program and a coaching day which will help the start-ups to get in the ring more prepared. The winner of the international final in 2015 were the Bulgarian start-up Claim Compass and the Romanian start-up Symme 3D.

Official website:

Get in the Ring (logo)

Enterprise 2020

Enterprise 2020 (logo)

Enterprise 2020

Enterprise 2020 is an international start-up training course on managing social ventures and projects. It gathers in one place students and start-up entrepreneurs from different countries who gain knowledge on how to achieve long-term and sustainable impact through social initiatives. At the time of the project, the participants receive full access to non-formal education through creative workshops, games, business education, exchange of experience and guest lecturers from France and Austria. Enterprise 2020 is practically-oriented, holding the firm belief that what participants take from the learning process will later help them manage impactful nonprofit projects in entrepreneurship, education, student mobility, and sustainability of civil society.


iHub (logo)


iHub is a business training for 30 talented students and young scientists in the field of technical sciences. The project aims to cover the most important guidelines for developing high-tech products and starting a successful business. The training is held twice a week in the form of lecture classes and weekly workshops, which support the practical aspect of the participants’ development of business ideas. The lecturers involved in the program are economists and entrepreneurs with considerable experience and expertise in their field.