Project Leaders

  • Yana Perperieva
    Yana Perperieva Project leader of ABLE Activator

    Yana has a diverse professional portfolio and is convinced that staying true to our core values is the underlying factor for achieving a sense of self-fulfillment and success. To her, education and giving back to the community, ensuring a better future for the next generations is an endless source of motivation to become a better person and a more successful professional.

    After graduating from Capital Normal University (China, Beijing), she moved back to Bulgaria and worked as a project coordinator for the Bulgarian Travel and Investment Development Centre in China, and later as a sales manager with Walltopia China. Despite keeping a busy work schedule, she was eager to volunteer with ABLE Mentor and part-take in the economic courses at the Centre for Economic Strategy and Competitiveness (a.k.a. Harvard courses). In 2018 she decided to focus on education and parallel to working in a public school, started her own Chinese language courses „Chinese with Yana Jin„.

  • Nikolay Nikolov
    Nikolay Nikolov Project Leader of ABLE Mentor

    Nikolay has been part of the organizational team of ABLE Mentor from the very beginning and since 2017 has taken full responsibility for the program’s success quitting a secure job in a multinational company.
    He has graduated professional school in the city of Stara Zagora specializing in Accounting. He is also a bachelor in Economics and a Master in Finance in the University of National and World Economy. For the last 5 years, he has built up his experience as an accountant and financial controller. What makes him shift his professional orientation is his firm belief that the program truly increases the motivation in young Bulgarians and teaches them skills missing in the curriculum but critical for finding a job or starting a project on their own.
    Nikolay loves trekking in the mountains, playing guitar and enjoying high-quality coffee. He feels inspired by fulfilling conversations and by being part of the growth of young, smiling and positive people.

  • Mihaela Savova
    Mihaela Savova Project Leader of Leader Talks

    Mihaela Savova is a co-founder of the newest coworking space in Sofia – 1Hub, which aims to bring together IT, entrepreneurship, and creativity! Misha, as her friends call her, is the ambassador of Hello Tomorrow in Bulgaria – a global initiative meant to stimulate technological innovation. She is an alumnus of the Summer Entrepreneurship Program, and a member of the Association of the Bulgarian Leaders and Entrepreneurs. She is a project leader of Leader Talks – a forum where leaders challenge other leaders. Mihaela loves all kinds of art. But most of all she loves painting.

  • Martin Patsov
    Martin Patsov Project Leader of Council Leaders

    Martin Patsov is a full stack, certified Java developer at Dreamix, a custom software development company. He is also a teaching assistant for the WEB discipline at the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics, Sofia University. He is an ex-member of the student council at that very same faculty, where he was the main organizer of the first edition of the Freshers’ Weekend – event that transformed the council and improved the impact on the students. Also, as an ex-board member at Junior Achievement Alumni Bulgaria he actively contributed to the entrepreneurial education in the region.

    His personal motto is to “Think (before you act & about improvements), Create (your own world, your dreams & the world around you) and Share (the knowledge, feedback & motivation)”. Martin always goes the extra mile striving to “Be the person that you needed when you were young.”