Executive team

  • Kremena Dervenkova
    Kremena Dervenkova Executive Director

    Kremena becomes part of ABLE after her participation in the Summer Entrepreneurship Program (SEP) 2016 which according to her, marked the beginning of the most exciting period of her life so far, full of travels, experiences, voluntary work, learning, enrichment. Several months later, Kremena is highly motivated and inspired to accomplish great things as part of the ABLE Executive team.

    Since April 2019 Kremena has been the organizational leader of ABLE and as of May 1, 2019 is appointed to the position of Executive Director. As such, she is closely working with the Executive Board on strategic matters for the organization, maintains communication and establish collaboration relationships with partnership organizations and important ecosystem players. She is also responsible for the fundraising for different projects of ABLE and coordination of the daily activities of the organization.

    Her goals are related to establishing ABLE as a more representative and active player in the cultivation of entrepreneurship and leadership potential within the Bulgarian society. She is also determined to deliver tangible benefits for the ABLE members who would proudly declare their belonging to the organization.

    More about Kremena: Graduated Bachelor of Marketing and Master of International Business, in summer 2016 Kremena quitted the corporate environment where for a period of 5 years she has worked as a Front Desk Agent, Conference and Events Executive and Credit Controller. She loves traveling, sports, dancing and prefers nature over urban landscape. Her personal passion is “entomophagy” and she’s actively trying to raise awareness about the benefits of eating insects.

  • Mila Kirova
    Mila Kirova Community Manager

    Mila Kirova has a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Sofia University, followed by a film specialization in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and a number of European film workshops. After a long list of productions and a short corporate career abroad, in 2020 she undertook the entrepreneurial path. Traveler, yoga enthusiast and devoted filmgoer.