Leader Talks: Veneta Andonova

In October Leader Talks gave us the chance to meet Mrs Veneta Andonova – a professor teaching at AUBG and a mentor at Eleven.

We discussed what is the entrepreneurial mindset and what kind of skill set an entrepreneur needs to have while she gave us valuable advice in what direction we should aim to develop ourselves as entrepreneurs to become really good ones. Veneta told us stories about what the entrepreneurship eco system looks like in Latin America and gave an a great example of one interesting man in particular and what makes him so unique – how he manages to achieve his goals in a place and time when many, many others cannot. His farm – Hacienda Gavilanes – working in a new innovative way, shows us how things can happen when there is a burning desire, a strong will and many efforts put in no matter the time and the circumstances.
“The entrepreneurial mindset is something really complex, it is being able to look at things from a totally different perspective, without letting the tragedy of the situation overcomes you”, says Mrs. Andonova.

We were also lucky to receive a few practical advice, based on Veneta`s long-lasting research – it is important to learn how to give constructive feedback as well as learn how to listen and understand the one given to us; she also told us that we should stop looking insanely for role models and advisors, as this makes us weaker and we start questioning our own abilities, this gets us away from testing on practice our ideas. What we should be looking for is the practical mechanisms, the tools these people use to make things happen and not warship what they have accomplished but look at ourselves and believe in what we can accomplish and learn how. She finished off the discussion with one challenge to all of us – to sit down and think about all the things we have and accept as given, things we think cannot change and write them down. After a day or two – get back to this list and go one by one thinking how to change them!


Leader Talks: Julieta Serafimova


This September was the third anniversary of Leader Talks and on 29.09 its fourth year began meeting us with Julieta Serafimova – General manager of Grand Hotel Sofia and Business development manager of Sofia Hotels management – a management company of the three NIKMI owned hotels Grand Hotel Sofia, Sofia suite hotel and Central Park Sofia. Together with her the Leader Talks audience talked about the leadership in the management and she personally reiterated the principle: Hire for attitude, train for skills. She also highlighted as a desirable trait of the leader the quick analysis of the situation and decision making, as well as giving freedom to one’s imagination for the business development to certain extend allowed by the glass ceiling that we all meet.

Mrs. Serafimova shared the advice that she would give to her 25-year old self and she underlined that she should have trusted herself more; she should have risked more without paying attention to the negatively thinking people; she should have valued and defended her efforts more and she should have celebrated her success more.

Last but not least, as a longtime professional in the hotel business with Bulgarian and international experience, Mrs. Serafimova put an accent on how important it is to sell the personal image of the leader: from the attire and manners through the social media profile.


Leader Talks: Sasha Bezuhanova – Leadership as a Way of Life

ABLE closed the 2013 series of leader talks with a presentation by Mrs. Sasha Bezuhanova. The topic was “Leadership as a way of life“. In front of an audience of nearly 100 people, the former GM of Hewlett-Packard Bulgaria shared several interesting stories of her life and spoke about the specific personal qualities that helped her in critical situations. In the end, Mrs. Bezuhanova talked about the causes which she has fought for and continues to fight for in both professional and personal aspect.

The event was held on December 18 at the American Corner.
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Leader Talks: Natalia Blagoeva – 12 Myths About Leadership and Business

In November our guest was Natalia Blagoeva, an experienced business mentor and coach, who consults many Bulgarian leaders and CEOs.

Natalia talked about the most common leadership myths and mistakes that young leaders and entrepreneurs do.

“12 мита за лидерството и бизнеса

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Leader Talks: Julia Stefanova – Top 10 Qualities That Make a Great Leader

“”Top 10 Qualities That Make A Great Leader””


From [Leader Talks] Dr. Julia Stefanova, posted by Association of Bulgarian Leaders and Entrepreneurs – ABLE on 10/21/2013 (6 items)

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