betahaus_sofia_ABLEThe co-working office space Betahaus is the newest partner of the Association of Bulgarian Leaders and Entrepreneurs – ABLE in the realization of the project for individual mentorship ABLE Mentor.

On 02.02.2014 in the hall of Betahaus as a result of mutual collaboration took place the first information event of ABLE Mentor, attended by 33 mentors. They received detailed information about the next steps of the project, which first edition will last 16 weeks. The official start is scheduled for 09.02.2014 when all students and mentors selected to participate in the first edition of the mentoring program ABLE Mentor will get together for the first time, again in Betahaus. For more information, please visit and

ABLE Mentor is a mentoring program of the Association of Bulgarian Leaders and Entrepreneurs – ABLE. The project aims to connect students from 10th and 11th grade with young professionals with life experience in a network for sharing knowledge and skills. The program connects students and mentors into teams of two to work on common projects. The team building is based on the common interests of mentors and mentees. The core concept of ABLE Mentor is individual mentorship and building a sustainable relationship of trust between the participants – students and young professionals.

Betahaus is a co-working space. In other words: office space for people, who do not work in an office. It is located in the best part of Sofia neighborhood Lozenets in the bright and spacious reconstructed building of a former telephone exchange. It offers office desks for rent that go with informal environment, creative atmosphere, a network of fellows, a program of cultural and themed events, and the best coffee around. No commitment – you decide how often to come and how long to stay.

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