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The Association of the Bulgarian Leaders and Entrepreneurs (ABLE) is an active community of entrepreneurial young people, who contribute to the development of the environment around them, wherever they are. We met during our participation in the Bulgarian Young Leaders Program (BYLP).

We decided to found a nonprofit to serve as a platform for our ideas and for positive change in Bulgaria. Since then – with the proportional increase in our members – our projects, our influence, and our successes in Bulgarian society have been growing as well.

In the last 9 years, we have achieved

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We aim to spread entrepreneurial culture, inspire leadership, and develop an active civil society in Bulgaria.

The Three Pillars of ABLE



Civil society


Novel View

We dare to change ourselves and the world around us!

Our Values

Perpetual Progress

We never stop developing and improving.

We see opportunities, not problems

In insurmountable obstacles, we see opportunities.


We are role models for others, and we help them reach their full potential.


We share our ideas and passion, and we turn them into action.

About BYLP

The Bulgarian Young Leaders Program (BYLP), sponsored by the America for Bulgaria Foundation and administered by the Institute for International Education, aims to identify Bulgarian students and young professionals with great potential and to give them the opportunity to undertake an educational program in leadership and entrepreneurship in the USA. The America for Bulgaria Foundation believes that the Bulgarian Young Leaders Program not only trains people to become catalysts for change in Bulgarian society and drivers of economic growth, but it also contributes to mutual cooperation between promising young leaders in both Bulgaria and the USA.

The Bulgarian Young Leaders Program includes several modules: