2nd November – 4 Bulgarian cities (Sofia, Ruse, Stara Zagora and Burgas), more than 100 students and mentors, networking stacks and positive proton charges, unforgettable emotions – ABLE Mentor Season 2 is back again and now officially started! Sunday morning – Low mercury levels among the “heyday” of the November chill abruptly exploded to indulge in glamorous ecstasy dozens of mentors and students from all parts of the country within the official opening events of the wonderful project for the development of leadership and entrepreneurial potential among high school students ABLE Mentor. For a second time the program opens its doors, but this time across all the country, bearing the Olympic torch through different Bulgarian places in order to spread leadership spirit in an attempt to make educational environment for young native hopes more dynamic place by improving their personal and professional skills thanks to help of mentors – specialists, inspiring leaders in their professional fields with whom within 4 months students prepare a practical project with a focus on social, personal or entrepreneurial areas.
In all the cities, the event raised the curtain with an inspiring presentation regarding the main goals, guidelines and objectives for the teams consisting of mentors and students within the project and its main mission, refracted through the prism of formation of brave young people, confident in their abilities and potential contemplating constantly innovative and propulsion forces striving for a permanent change to a better future. Passions escalated while on the backstage of the impatient faces of people waiting to understand who their partners are enthusiasm, determination and energy for the upcoming adventure were reigning. After a headlong “presentation” knot amid the “shining” faces, the opening events culminated in numerous networking games that embodied mutual understanding of the mentor-student teams and the determination of their mutual goals during the program, putting to test their creativity and original approaches in the process of solving various mini-challenges. Hard work and innovation conquered the podium. Meanwhile, a colorful bouquet of entrepreneurial ideas, social and personal projects with exceptional value were born within the teams.
In Sofia, the event welcomed nearly 60 teams in the electrified, full of emotions Betahaus, proud partner of the project.
In Ruse, ABLE welcomed more than 20 teams, bringing together with their initiative other partners who supported the idea of local, including Start it Smart | Ruse, Buda House and the Faculty of Business and Management at the University of Rousse.
In Stara Zagora the project started with 8 teams including students and mentors from four locations. Partners from foundation “Leader 1” organized the event in an exciting and interesting way for the participants.
In Burgas 15 students and their mentors marked the opening of the program in the office of Youth Voice.

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