The Chairman of the FSC Boyko Atanasov opens the Investor Finance Forum on November 7.

Financial experts, specialists in capital markets, investors, bankers, and economists are just a part of the speakers who on November 7 will present their analyses and assessments on leading and current topics relevant to Bulgaria and the world in the finance sector. The Investor Finance Forum will take place at Inter Expo Center, Vitosha hall, and will start precisely at 10:30 AM, with an official opening by the Chairman of the Financial Supervision Commission – Boyko Atanasov, the financial director of Investor Media Group – Georgi Biserinski, and the chief editor of the economic site – Desislava Popova.

The largest event for the financial and investment community in the region will provide a platform for experts across six panels on the following topics: macroeconomics, capital markets and investments, ESG, investment companies, fintech, and active investments.

Kamen Kolchev – Chairman of the Board of Directors of ELANA Financial Holding, Miroslav Marinov – Executive Director of POK “Doverie”, Iliya Karanikolov – Chairman of the Management Board and Executive Director of the Bulgarian Development Bank, Asen Stoychev – Director “Private Banking”, Fibank, and Lachezar Bogdanov – chief economist at the Institute for Market Economics, are the expert speakers in the first panel on “Macroeconomics”. The moderator of the discussion will be the chief editor of Bloomberg TV Bulgaria – Ivaylo Lakov.

The second panel on “Capital Markets and Investments” will be presented in two separate discussions. The best practices for issuing and trading government bonds for individual investors will be outlined by Adrean Tanase – Executive Director of the Bucharest Stock Exchange, Ivana Gadzic – Executive Director of the Zagreb Stock Exchange, and Ivan Steriev – Executive Director of the Macedonian Stock Exchange. In the second discussion, on the stage of the Investor Finance Forum, the Chief Executive Officer of Shelly Group – Dimitar Dimitrov, the founder and manager of Smart Organic AD – Yani Dragov, and the Deputy Chairman of the Financial Supervision Commission, in charge of the “Supervision of Investment Activity” department – Maria Filipova, will discuss the new perspectives for companies on the BSE. The moderator of the two expert discussions will be Assoc. Prof. Dr. Manu Moravenov – member of the Board of Directors and Executive Director of the Bulgarian Stock Exchange.

The focus of the business conference on November 7 will also be on the policies that are the foundation of sustainable investing and the sustainable development of modern companies. In the third panel on “ESG”, their opinions on the financial framework for business and the social aspect of ESG will be pointed out by Vesela Gladnikova – Director “Sustainable Policies and ESG Management” at Fibank, Xavier Marchenac – co-founder and CEO, Nasekomo, and Deyan Nikolov – senior manager “Strategy and Transactions” at EY Bulgaria. The moderator of the conversation will be Assoc. Prof. Marina Stefanova – Deputy Dean “Sustainable Development, Support, and Engagement” at the Faculty of Economics of Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”.

Investment companies and the ranking of investment funds in Bulgaria will be presented by Ivaylo Penev – Executive Director and Head of Asset Management at ELANA Fund Management, Spasimir Madzharov – Regional Manager, Amundi, Doncho Donev – Head of Capital Markets at Postbank, and Nikolay Yalumov – procurator at UD “Capman Asset Management” AD. The experts will have the opportunity to discuss the structure, importance, and development of investment funds in Bulgaria, and the moderator of the discussion will be Veronika Denizova – host at Bloomberg TV Bulgaria.

Artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, investments, regulations, and open banking will be analyzed and discussed in the fifth panel on “Fintech”. Galya Dimitrova – managing partner and co-founder of IRIS Solutions, Tsvetomir Doskov – Executive Director of Sirma BC, Ivo Boyanov – Executive Director of Rabbit Solutions, and Ivan Hadzhov – Business Development Director Mastercard, are the speakers who will outline the main important highlights on the topic. Georgi Penev – Director of the Bulgarian Fintech Association (BFA), will be the moderator of the discussion.

The finale of the established conference of the financial and investment community – Investor Finance Forum, will direct the audience’s attention to active investments. Participants specialists in the sixth panel will be Biser Manolov – Chairman of the Board of Directors of RYVYL(EU), the investor and entrepreneur -Lyubomir Lekov, and Stoycho Nedev – co-founder and technical director, David Holding AD. Pavel Bandilov – Executive Director of BPD Industrial Real Estate Investment Trust, will be the moderator of the final discussion.

More information about the Investor Finance Forum, as well as the registration form for attendance, can be found HERE.

The general partners of the Investor Finance Forum are ARTEX and Fibank.

Main partners are MFG, Amundi, ELANA Financial Holding, Bulgarian Stock Exchange, Bulgarian Development Bank, Shelly Group, Sirma, Capman Asset Management AD, Concord Asset Management, and Select Asset Management.

The event is organized with the support of the Pension Insurance Company “Doverie” AD, EY Bulgaria, GOLDEN LION CAPITAL EAD, Compass Invest AD, CKB Assets Management EAD, MK Brokers, Devin Spring, Lovico Suhindol Winery, J Point +, LATE CAF? & ROASTERY, and Rila Catering.

Institutional partners are the Bulgarian Startup Association (BESCO), the Association of Industrial Capital in Bulgaria, the Bulgarian Fintech Association, the French-Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Higher School of Insurance and Finance (VUZF), the Association of Bulgarian Leaders and Entrepreneurs (ABLE), and Betahaus Sofia.

Media partners are Bloomberg TV Bulgaria,, BGLOBAL, and Banker.