The ABLE Activator is currently looking for a part-time project coordinator who will be supporting the Project Lead across all ABLE Activator programs and activities. 

For each of the programs, the Project Leader and Coordinator will be responsible for in-depth planning and organisation of all activities before, during, and after the events. 

Depending on the applicant’s experience, interest, and preferences, we will provide personalised job offerings including roles and responsibilities, working hours, location, and remuneration.  


The Association of the Bulgarian Leaders and Entrepreneurs (ABLE) is an active community of 400+ entrepreneurial young people, who adopted the mission of empowering future leaders and fueling the growth of the entrepreneurial network in Bulgaria. 

ABLE currently has 3 main teams – ABLE Activator, ABLE Mentor, and BASE, who are developing a set of entrepreneurship and mentoring programs such as ABLE Activator, ABLE Weekend Activator, ABLE Mentor online and offline editions, across different cities in Bulgaria, BASE and BASE Mentor. 

We are a team of 9 young professionals passionate about developing the next generations of Bulgarian leaders and entrepreneurs. Currently, looking for a project coordinator dedicated to the ABLE Activator team.


ABLE Activator team is a diversely skilled team of 20+ talented students and experienced professionals who have graduated ABLE Activator or SEP (the so-called Summer Entrepreneurship Program in the US).

Every year the ABLE Activator team is planning and executing:

  • ABLE Activator program (February – April)
  • 3 ABLE Weekend Activators (June – October)
  • ABLE Activator Pre-acceleration program (May – November)

For each of the above programs, the Project Leader and Coordinator will be responsible for the in-depth planning and organization of all key activities before, during, and after the events. 


The project coordinator will be responsible for:

  • Managing the implementation of the marketing and social media strategies in direct coordination and cooperation with the Project Lead and the ABLE Marketing Specialist;
  • Supporting online and offline promotional activities in universities and partner organizations; 
  • Planning, managing, and overseeing the pre-selection and interview process for all programs;
  • A primary point of contact for all participants before, during, and after the programs and events;
  • Leading the coordination and logistics of all professional networking events; 
  • Aligning and overseeing logistics prior to and during educational modules, and activities;
  • Develop the program’s educational content and concept creation for all related events; 
  • Ensuring every event and weekend module is conducted smoothly as per curriculum; 
  • Stepping up to support the Project Leader in extended team coordination and planning;
  • Provide clear direction to both team members and external stakeholders;
  • Leading coordinator sessions for the ABLE Activator and the new mentorship program;
  • Establish new and maintain existing relationships with all the stakeholders involved in the program (speakers, mentors, sponsors, participants, partners, and volunteers);
  • Participate in fundraising campaigns that will ensure the sustainability of the program.


  • Excellent English (written and spoken)
  • Passion for driving positive change
  • Track record of success at work or university
  • Willingness to work hard and with minimal guidance
  • Strong ability to adapt, learn quickly and deal with multiple teams/parties simultaneously
  • Strong interpersonal, collaboration and communication skills 
  • Solution oriented, pro-active person with a can-do attitude
  • Thirst for knowledge and resourcefulness
  • No work experience is required, but experience in high-performance environments is a plus
  • Volunteering experience, especially in team leadership positions, is a huge plus
  • Professionalism

What are we offering

  • А fundamental role in the dynamic and fast-growing ABLE organization and community
  • Opportunity to work with some of the most inspiring Bulgarian leaders, entrepreneurs, and organizations within the Bulgarian startup ecosystem and entrepreneurial community
  • Opportunity to work on projects that shape the mindset of the next generation of leaders in Bulgaria
  • Opportunity to improve your project management and leadership skills as well
  • Friendly and supportive working environment
  • Flexible working hours and an opportunity to work from anywhere
  • Access to all ABLE programs, events, retreats, and seminars

Application Process

Impress us with your CV and a motivational letter by sending them to [email protected], and [email protected] by May 15. 

MORE ABOUT ABLE Activator programs

How do we support young entrepreneurs and fuel the entrepreneurial ecosystem growth in Bulgaria?

Step 1 – ABLE Weekend Activator is a 2-day entrepreneurship challenge that provides 30 students and young professionals with a taste of what entrepreneurship and developing an idea into a workable project is about.

Step 2 – ABLE Activator is an exclusive 6-weekend entrepreneurship program that provides 30 aspiring and determined self-starters with the knowledge, mentorship, and network to generate a breakthrough idea and develop it into a ready-to-launch version.

Step 3 – ABLE Activator Pre-accelerator program is a 6-month structured mentorship program for all ABLE Activator graduates who are eager to develop their ideas further. 

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